Smart Fixtures

KIC Smart Fixtures utilize state of the art sensor technology and built-in electronics, in support of measuring and tracking key machine parameters and your machine’s overall performance. A machine is set to a defined recipe and data is collected and compared to previous runs, and/or tracked and charted over time. The use of a PCB, or similar, for this task introduces additional variables and error into the equation – A PCB will break-down and start to lose mass after multiple runs; TC’s can break or come loose from the board; TC attachments can differ; etc. The use of a fixture eliminates these variables and gives a fixed, repeatable measurement of the machine performance. And, with a smart fixture, the whole process is reliable and easy.

KIC SRA - Smart Reflow Analyzer®

The SRA – Smart Reflow Analyzer is the new all-in-one, Smart fixture for solder reflow ovens. With a built-in data collection unit, it is a stand-alone device that provides you with machine related measurements for tracking the stability and repeatability of your oven.

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