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Smart Profiler

The smart profiler for reduced cost, improved quality and convenient data sharing

See the video.  In spec reflow oven setup with numerous unique component process windows on the same board.

Built with the Latest Data Processing and
Wireless Technologies Available —
A Smart Device

NEW – 24 channel capability **

The SPS Smart Profiler stands out as the best and “smartest” temperature profiling data collection system available. The hardware is the best in temperature tolerance design using an LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) enclosure for better protection and faster cool down between profiles. The design of the SPS thermal shields allows for easy and secure opening and closing, durability that meets the most stringent of drop tests, and temperature tolerance capabilities that exceed all previous KIC thermal profiler and shield models.

The SPS is available in 7, 9, 12 and 24 ** channel versions using standard type K thermocouples. Thermal profile data are conveniently transferred to your computer via a USB connection or real-time via Wi-Fi depending on the model. With complex power management algorithms and state-of-the-art circuitry, the SPS allows for long use between charges and longer battery life. Recharging and powering can be done via the USB cable when connected to a computer or to a wall socket.

Actionable Data with Smart Software

The SPS Smart  Profiler works with KIC’s award winning Profiling Software 2G, Navigator Power and Auto-Focus Power optimization software and is integrated as a programming tool for KIC’s industry leading automatic profiling systems. All your critical profile and process data are measured including slope, peak temperature, time above liquidous, and more. In addition the software measures the Process Window Index™ (PWI) automatically and objectively identifying the profile’s ‘fit’ to the established process window. The PWI is lower as your process is centered within the process window. Therefore, the lower your PWI, the more stable and precise your process.

The Navigator Power™software feature automates process improvement and optimization for you and ships standard with the SPS Smart Thermal Profiler™. Within seconds, the Navigator will identify the single best oven set up.

The SPS Smart Profiler raises the bar for Smart Factory systems, and is another of the many smart devices and systems KIC offers to improve your production quality, productivity, and documentation.


** Requires additional hardware/software


Testimonial from Ken Rahn, Sr. PCBA / Soldering Engineer at AFCI Global Engineering Services:
I just wanted to drop you a few lines and let you know how well the new SPS is working. To be truthful, I was a little hesitant on the Wi-Fi option. The more I use it, the more I can appreciate it. I like being able to see the profile in action and even before it is completely finished, I have an idea of how close I am to the parameters I need. I definitely give this option a 2 thumbs up!
The prediction software is outstanding. I usually run a profile with an oven recipe that I think will be close to what I need and rely on the predicted profile to get me the rest of the way. It’s very accurate and usually only take one or two additional runs to dial in the profile. In the past, I could play with a profile for hours to get what I now get in just a few minutes.
Thanks to you and everyone there for such a great product!
Best Regards,
Ken Rahn
Sr. PCBA/ Soldering Engineer
Electronics Division
AFCI Global Engineering Services

Maximum endurance in minutes at specified temperature

SPS Kit Contents

  • Smart Profiler
  • Smart Dock (Wi-Fi – ANT)*
  • USB Cable (A-Male/Micro-B)
  • Thermal Shield*
  • Gloves
  • Thermocouples*
  • Scissors
  • Power Supply
  • Software on USB Flash Drive
  • USB Software Protection Dongle
  • Electronic User Manual
  • Electronic Hardware Guide
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Carrying Case
*These items may vary according to specific models ordered.

Computer Configuration

Minimum System Requirements

  • Dual Core / 1 GHz Processor PC with 2 GB RAM
  • 2 GB available storage
  • Video 1024 x 768 resolution / 16-bit
  • 1 available USB port (for data download or Smart Dock)
  • 1 available USB port (for software protection dongle)
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