4.0 Starter Kit Advantages


Risk Free Guarantee All KIC products are designed to give maximum value and fast payback by streamlining your thermal process. Investment in a KIC product is a step toward total process control and quality management. All KIC products come with a no questions asked, 30-day money back guarantee.

Start on the Road to a Smart Factory!

Get much of the Industry 4.0 capabilities in a niche focus on the thermal process!

When you are successful you will be well positioned to take on the larger project for the rest of your factory. You will also immediately reap the benefits of optimized oven setup and changeover, dashboard real-time thermal process data, instant troubleshooting and happy customers that appreciate full process control and access to traceability data.

Low Risk, Low Investment Package

Vantage Operating System Compatibility

4.0 Starter Kit Details

Smart Factory Kit with RPI includes:

  • RPI
  • SPS 7Channel Wi-Fi Datalogger
  • Vantage Server, Software and License

Vantage enables complete transparency and automated data collection; it streamlines reporting functions that were once tedious tasks taking up valuable time. Easily search and sort through all reflow and cure production data and generate reports on the precise information you need; oven, customer, production run and more. Create summary reports in PDF format and quickly send to your staff, supervisor or customer. Reports for Profiles, Production Runs, Multiple Lot Run Summary and more.

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