Always knowing your production profile and dwell time!

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WPI — Wave Process Inspection

Innovative solutions and automation for the wave solder process including automatic profiling, real-time Cpk, real-time preheat and wave analytics, and 100% production traceability. WPI even calculates and displays the dwell time and parallelism measurements of each PCB processed. Get better insight into your wave solder process with the WPI.

KIC WPI _Wave Process Inspection

WPI Advantages

For every production board:

Key Features

Embedded sensors which enable automatic measurement, recording and display of a wide range of process related details including:

Industry First! Dwell time and Parallelism per board

  • The Dwell (contact) time and Parallelism is calculated and displayed for each production board.

Complete PCB temperature profile through preheat and solder wave

  • User selectable specifications. Automatically calculate key process parameters.

Full process control and traceability

  • Confirm proper setup for a selected product before it enters the machine. Complete traceability linking profile temperature data and dwell time to each production board via the scanned barcode ID.
WPI Configurations en R2206A large
WPI configurations

Real-time SPC/Cpk charting

  • The process results for each PCB are automatically plotted on SPC charts. Cpk is automatically calculated and saved. Warnings and alarms will be activated if trends in production indicate process drifts.

Real-time analysis

  • Intuitive troubleshooting shows deviations in your process, helping you quickly identify where process changes are occurring.

WPI System

WPI Includes as Standard:

  • Recipe Optimization software
  • Process Window Index (PWI)
  • Interface with barcode scanning or MES output of board ID
  • Connectivity – Connection with factory systems and MES software
  • SMEMA interface at entrance conveyor
  • Audible/visual notifications of process conditions
WPI graph 2
WPI Charts
WPI Bar Chart Troubleshooting Tab

WPI System Components

Two (2) thermocouple proves (each probe has 15 thermocouples)

One (1) Pyrometer sensor

One (1) data acquisition unit

One (1) speed encoder

One (1) board sensor

One (1)alarm relay *

One (1) light tower *

One (1) KIC WPI software with software protection dongle

Note: The WPI requires a KIC profiler. Contact KIC for compatibility with your profiler.

 * Optional equipment with WPI—Essential

Accuracy:± 1.2°C
Thermocouples:Type K
Temperature Range:-150°C to 450°C
Data acquisition unit (LxWxH):313.7mm x 158.0mm x 35.1mm
KIC Probe:length and thermocouple spacing is customized to each machine
Communications:Ethernet, RJ-45 connector
Computer Capability:PC
Power Requirements:12V DC @ 200mA
kic wpi

Computer Configuration

Minimum System Requirements

  • CPU: Dual Core / 1 GHz Processor PC 
  • RAM: 2 GB available
  • Video 1024 x 768 resolution / 16-bit
  • USB(s): 2 available ports (1 for data download, 1 for software key)
  • Ethernet and/or USB: 1 available Ethernet port or 1 available USB port for USB to Ethernet adapter

**Note: 2 additional powered USB ports may be needed for optional accessories

View the OS Compatibility Chart

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