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Manage Your Reflow Profiling Data-Stream

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RPI i4.0 Advantages

  • Real-Time Dashboard
  • Connect to Factory MES
  • Traceability Storage
  • Access Data from Any Authorized Device
  • Real-Time Profile Data for Each Product Soldered
  • Advanced Search and Filter Functions
  • RPI i4.0 datasheet
  • RPI i4.0 A4 size datasheet

Auto Profiling and Intelligent Network Software Ecosystem

What is it?

The ultimate automatic reflow profiling system with network software for data sharing and traceability.
1 ea. RPI Automatic Profiling system
1 ea. Vantage factory intelligent network software
1 ea. RPI to Vantage license

What will an automatic reflow profiling system do for you?
  • Full thermal process traceability
  • Reduce scrap and rework via real-time thermal process dashboard and notification
  • Improve production line utilization
  • Faster defect troubleshooting
  • Save engineering time with advanced data search and communication features for internal and external use
How does it work?
  • RPI automatically acquires profile data in real-time from each product soldered in the reflow oven.
  • The profile is compared to the relevant process window for traceability and for instant alarm on out of spec conditions.
  • Basic SPC charts are automatically populated and warning levels set for Cpk level.
  • The acquired data are continuously sent to the browser-based Vantage database residing on the factory LAN.
  • The Vantage search and filter functions display relevant process data from any connected RPI system in the factory.
  • Search on customer or product name, time period, select production line, etc. to instantly display the relevant data.
  • Share your local URL with authorized personnel to facilitate clear communication where everyone is (literally) on the same page.
  • Access all data from any authorized PC or mobile device anywhere.
  • Share Vantage data with your MES to include reflow process product data in your factory software.

RPI System

Minimum Hardware Requirements
CPU: Dual Core / 1 GHz Processor PC
Video: 1024 x 768 resolution / 16 bit
USB(s):  2 available ports (1 for data download, 1 for software key)
2 additional powered USB ports may be needed
Ethernet and/or USB: 1 available Ethernet or additional USB
Minimum Space: 1 GB
System Components
Data acquisition unit/Probes
Two (2) thermocouple probes (each probe has 15 thermocouples)
One (1) data acquisition unit
One (1) speed encoder
One (1) board sensor
One (1) alarm relay
One (1) light tower
One (1) KIC RPI software with software protection dongle

Note: The RPI requires a KIC profiler

Hardware Specifications
Accuracy: ±1.2°C
Readings/second: 13
Thermocouples: Type K
Temperature Range: -150°C to 450°C
Dimensions: Data acquisition unit (LxWxH):
308.6mm x 173.5mm x 35.8 mm
Probes: Length and thermocouple spacing is customized to each oven
Communications: Ethernet, RJ-45 connector
Computer Capability: PC
Power Requirements: 12V CD @ 300mA

Vantage System

Minimum Hardware Requirements
CPU: Quad core 2GHz+CPU
RAM: 16 GB
USB(s): 1 available port
Minimum Space: 10 GB
Network connection between Vantage, reflow oven controller(s) and browser (mobile, PC), MES or similar.

Hard Disk Requirements
All page content is stored in the database, while attachments are stored in the file system. The more attachments you have, the more disk space you will require.

Supported Platforms

Operating Systems:
Windows 10
Windows Server 2016

Microsoft SQL Server 2016
Microsoft SQL Server 2014
Azure SQL

Desktop browsers:
Internet Explorer 11

Mobile browsers:

KIC RPI logo CS5 e1668425080281

Service Available

  • Technical Support
  • Installation and Setup
  • Application Support
  • Hardware Support
  • Guaranteed Warranty
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Technical Support 24 Hours Every Day Everywhere, Risk Free Guarantee

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