Automatic Thermal Process Inspection

KIC’s Automatic Systems solutions expand our Data Intelligence Tools, offering a range of unparalleled data analysis, process control and process monitoring capabilities.

Utilizing KIC’s award-winning and patented technologies, these tools provide:

  • Automatic SPC Charts including Cpk and process data for every product
  • Real-time process information for improved decision making
  • Traceability and thermal process documentation for every product
  • Zero-defect thermal production with faster response to thermal process issues
  • A status of all production ovens on a single screen, viewable from your desk
  • Easy sharing of real-time process data without the need for meetings or reports
    and more…
smart automation 1

For Reflow and Cure Ovens


kic rpi

The KIC RPI indexes the single most important output of a reflow oven, namely how well the profile conforms to the required spec. This index is independent of type of oven, PCB type, personnel, and even geographical location.

RPI i4.0

rpi i4.0

Manage your reflow profiling data-stream with auto profiling and intelligent network software ecosystem



ProBot automatically verifies whether each PCB is processed in spec. Suspect PCBs can then be sent off to batch X-Ray, allowing for more effective sampling.ProBot software also complements AOI inspection by storing the relevant solder paste and component temperature tolerances and checking that each PCB was processed in accordance with these process windows.

For Wave Solder Machines


kic wpi

KIC’s WPI provides users with automatic profiling – including an industry first, Dwell Time and Parallelism measurement for each production board – real-time preheat and wave analytics, automatic SPC charting and more.