Thermal Profiling for Reflow and Curing Ovens

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KIC Vision² Advantages

Eliminate manual periodic profiling

  • KIC Vision² utilizes temperature and speed sensors embedded in the oven for consistent and accurate profile measurements of the processed PCB

Programming and Frequencies

  • A single manual profile run with a KIC profiler will program the system

Reflow Oven & Curing Oven Profiling Automation

  • The system can accurately calculate the PCB profile based on conveyor speed and temperature readings along the board track due to the correlation made during the programming run on the same PCB
  • The calculated profile is instantly checked against the established process window to determine whether the oven is still producing in-spec products
  • Reduce human error
  • Improve production uptime by eliminating manual periodic profiling that interrupts production
  • Reduce production costs
    • Less labor
    • Less downtime
    • Less scrap and rework
    • No sacrificial PCBs
    • Less consumable costs such as profilers, TCs, batteries and more
    • Faster yield troubleshooting

Improve product quality

  • Acquire consistent profile data
  • Increase frequency of profiling with no increase in cost
  • Achieve higher level of thermal process confidence

Easy to use

  • Modern, step-by-step graphical interface navigates operator through easy setup
  • New users can easily be trained on the system
  • Runs silently in the background and does not interrupt production unless an out of spec PCB is detected

A low cost profiling system

  • The KIC Vision² is priced similarly to a good profiler
  • Low cost does not mean low quality. The accuracy and reliability of the KIC Vision² is identical to all of KIC’s automatic profiling systems
  • The KIC Vision² offers great value, while eliminating unproductive and costly manual periodic profiling

Sophisticated optional features for Reflow & Curing

  • Basic SPC charting
  • Automated output of data to an external system
  • Alarm Relay to shut down the infeed conveyor when an out of spec profile has been detected
  • Light Bar for visual status of system, including alarming
  • KIC’s automatic optimization software for quick oven setup

KIC Probes

KIC Probes Vision2 data sheet 300dpi CMYK
System Components
  • Two (2) thermocouple probes (each probe has 15 thermocouples)
  • 1 ea. data acquisition unit
  • 1 ea. speed encoder
  • 1 ea. board sensor
  • 1 ea. KIC Vision2 software with software protection dongle

Optional Hardware Components

  • Alarm Relay: The Alarm Relay connects to the data acquisition unit and allows the system to activate warning lights, audible alarms and/or stop the process infeed conveyor.
  • Light Bar:  Used when system goes into ‘warning’ or ‘alarm’ state to show change in process and can make audible sound.


KIC Vision2 ChartScreen02
  • Basic SPC Charting
  • Chart all process specs such as peak temperature, time above reflow, etc…
  • Warning when Cpk drops below selected level
KIC Vision2 Standard Automation logo

Computer Configuration

Minimum System Requirements

  • Dual Core / 1 GHz Processor PC with 2 GB RAM
  • 2 GB available storage
  • Video 1024 x 768 resolution / 16-bit
  • 1 available USB port (for data download)
  • 1 available USB port (for software key)
  • 1 available Ethernet port or 1 available USB port with Ethernet to USB
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