Heat to Data Solutions

Transforming Thermal Processes into Intelligent Insights

Profiling Solutions

Embrace intelligent thermal profiling that guides you from data collection to optimal process paths, with robust and innovative solutions designed for ease, efficiency, and reliability.

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Oven/Wave Performance Tracking Fixtures

Utilize state-of-the-art sensor technology with KIC Smart Fixtures to measure and track your machine’s overall performance.

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Automatic Thermal Process Inspection

With KIC’s Automatic Systems solutions, experience unparalleled data analysis, process control, and monitoring

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Factory Software Solutions

Transition to a smart factory with ease and reduced risk through the Industry 4.0 Smart Factory Starter Kit.

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Smart Process Optimization

Unlock the potential of your reflow oven or wave solder machine with KIC’s software, capable of analyzing billions of alternative setups

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Automatic Profiling and Oven Monitoring

Incorporate a comprehensive approach to thermal monitoring with standard automation systems.

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