San Diego — March 2021 — KIC, the market and technology leader in profiling and process monitoring, announces the release of the WPI – Wave Process Inspection System. The WPI system is the latest in KIC’s innovative line of products, and brings complete process monitoring, process control and traceability to the wave solder process.

KIC is well-known as the market leader in solutions and technologies for reflow soldering process management, has the most robust and flexible connectivity capabilities when addressing manufacturing requirements for Reflow Process Inspection. Now, KIC’s new WPI brings its award-winning technology and thermal experience to the wave solder process by providing users with automatic profiling – including an industry first Dwell Time and Parallelism measurement for each production board – real-time preheat and wave analytics, automatic SPC charting and more.

Tom Bergeron – Product Manager, KIC, stated: “This new game changing development for wave soldering, real-time production dwell time for every assembly, along with all of the critical profile data, was a huge challenge for us. But once again KIC, and our amazing R&D team, comes up with another industry first. We continue to be the innovators in all thermal process areas, providing the best solutions for our customers.”

KIC Thermal