San Diego — September 2019 —— KIC announced plans to exhibit at the SMTA New England Expo & Tech Forum, scheduled to take place Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2019 at the Boxboro Regency Hotel & Conference Center. MB Allen, Manager for KIC’s Applications & Sales, will discuss RPI—Reflow Process Inspection, RPI i4.0.  Do you have your SPI, AOI and RPI?

Step into the built-in automatic Inspection System that provides integrated network software for real-time data sharing for each PCB soldered in the reflow or curing oven.  It is Industry 4.0 automation, traceability storage, NPI setup tools, machine verification, and more. This critical data should be a part of your overall Industry 4.0 smart factory solution to ensure all production through the oven is within specifications and that profile data is readily available for each individual board.

With KIC’s ecosystem of products, including RPI i4.0 and process setup tools, all relevant data can connect to the factory MES or your factory data collection system to be easily shared with personnel and can be accessed from any authorized PC or mobile device, saving operators, engineers and managers valuable time. This enhanced level of automation delivers improved line utilization and productivity, reduced downtime, reduced scrap and rework and faster troubleshooting.

Factories are looking for ways to gain insight and data to enable more effective operations. Major benefits include significantly improved factory profitability through higher production line utilization, elimination of scrap or rework, fewer human mistakes and perhaps most significant: Improving the factory competitiveness and attractiveness for increased revenues and customer base. The bottom line…higher quality, lower costs. Beat the competition.

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