San Diego — June 2020 —— KIC has appointed Technical Marketing Company (TMC) as its manufacturers’ representative. Chris Dodd, President and principal owner, and the TMC team will provide sales and service for KIC in Colorado, Utah and Idaho.

KIC’s Smart Factory solutions provide automation, traceability, process control via continuous Cpk and live data collection and analytics with integration to MES, CFX and more. “I’m excited to be part of such a great company with the best profiling systems in the industry,” stated Chris Dodd, President and principal owner.

“Chris has more than 20 years of experience as a manufacturers’ representative in the electronics industry,” stated MB Allen, Manager of Applications and Sales at KIC. “Working so closely with customers, he knows their key issues and problems. KIC’s ecosystem of thermal solutions for manual and automatic profiling, traceability and connectivity complement his portfolio. We are very pleased to have TMC join our KIC team for sales and support.”

Located in Colorado, Technical Marketing Company has been providing solutions for assembly manufacturing for more than 20 years. The company represents only the highest quality lines to provide the best equipment and service for its customers.  For more information about Technical Marketing Company’s products and services, call (303) 816-9325 or visit

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