San Diego — July 2020 —— MB (Marybeth) Allen has been a dedicated and valued part of the KIC family since 1999.  MB spent decades leading our team with her technical expertise and sales experience. This, along with her work ethic, outstanding contributions, devotion to clients and many industry achievements have positioned MB as the face of KIC for many years. KIC extends our deepest gratitude to MB Allen and our heartfelt wishes for success and happiness in retirement. MB will focus on applications and technical writing and supporting the sales team’s reorganization to ensure her transition to retirement is seamless.

Freddie Chan has been promoted to lead the worldwide sales strategy. Freddie joined KIC International Sales in 1999 as General Manager – Asia.  Freddie’s vision has generated tremendous market share in Asia, and we look forward to increasing our worldwide market share under his leadership.  This change reflects KIC’s vision to realign our unified worldwide sales strategy, while maintaining our high level of customer support in all regions.

Karl Pfluke joined KIC in 2019 as our East Coast Sales Manager and will now take on the role of Sales Manager for the US and Canada.  Karl, along with Miles Moreau, EU and South America Sales Manager and Miguel Carbajal, Mexico Sales Manager, will direct KIC’s worldwide sales strategy under Freddie’s leadership.

Based in San Diego, KIC is the industry leader in automated thermal process tools and systems for reflow, wave, curing and semiconductor thermal processes. The company pioneered the development of oven profilers and process optimization tools, and then worked to create the next generation of thermal systems to help manufacturers improve the thermal process quality while reducing cost.

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