KIC to Present Cutting-Edge Thermal Analysis Technology at SMTA Monterrey Expo

San Diego — February 2024 —— KIC, a renowned pioneer in thermal process and temperature measurement solutions for electronics manufacturing, is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming SMTA Monterrey Expo & Tech Forum, scheduled to take place Thursday, March 14, 2024 in Monterrey, Nuevo León. The event will be an excellent platform for industry professionals to explore the latest advancements in electronics manufacturing, with a particular focus on automotive and audit processes in Mexico.

Miguel Carbajal, KIC’s Mexico Sales Manager, will be representing the company at the expo. With extensive expertise in the field, Carbajal is well-equipped to engage with attendees and provide insights into KIC’s innovative solutions.

At the event, KIC will discuss its comprehensive range of solutions for process optimization and recipe refinement strategies. These state-of-the-art sensing technologies are designed to address challenges related to defects reduction, improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), oven performance tracking, and innovative thermal profiling methodologies.

Heat transfer sensing technology

Additionally, KIC will highlight its new Contact-less Thermal Analysis™ technology, a breakthrough in reflow process inspection. By directly measuring board temperature at the end of the heated section of the reflow oven during production, this cutting-edge capability ensures unparalleled accuracy and quality in monitoring the oven’s influence on production boards. This advancement marks a significant leap forward in reflow process inspection technology, promising enhanced efficiency and reliability in electronics manufacturing.

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