KIC Successfully Completed CFX Validation

San Diego — February 2021 —— KIC is one of the first companies to complete the IPC CFX validation and certification program.  As an early adopter KIC, with its RPI reflow process inspection system, is officially validated by IPC as CFX compliant. IPC CFX Certificate

KIC has been on the IPC-CFX-2591 standards committee and its RPI system now fully covers the requirements of the standard for the reflow process and reflow profiling. CFX offers companies the tools to begin collecting data on a smaller scale at a low price. Using the IPC CFX standard offers the lowest cost to entry and lowest risk solution for implementation of Smart Factory.

Successful utilization of IPC-CFX on the shop floor requires confidence and trust that equipment has been qualified to the CFX standard by an independent third party. Listing on the IPC-CFX-2591 Qualified Products List (QPL) ensures this for those who are looking for equipment and solutions that will integrate easily with CFX.

“KIC is an original member of the IPC CFX committee and an early adopter for the IPC validation program,” commented Miles Moreau, General Manager at KIC and IPC CFX committee member. “We support the efforts to make Smart Factory data collection an easier task for our customers, and with our RPI solution for reflow inspection we saw the perfect fit to be part of this program.”