24/7 Wave Advantages

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Wave Solder Automatic Thermal Profiling – KIC 24/7 Wave

The KIC 24/7 Wave brings an innovative level of automation to the wave solder process: around-the-clock monitoring, SPC charting, analysis, documentation, and production traceability — ALL in a single, easy to use product. Continuous tracking occurs in the background, never interrupting your production. The realtime process data enables engineers and managers to make crucial cost containment and quality control decisions.

Automatic Thermal Profiling for Wave Soldering

The KIC 24/7 Wave includes dual custom 14-TC KIC Probes installed inside the wave solder machine at the product level. The probes run the length of the preheat section and gather real-time process data. The KIC 24/7 Wave uses this data to automatically calculate the preheat profile for every product manufactured. Additionally, the solder pot temperature and conveyor speed are all continuously monitored. Through this automation, the need for periodic verification profiles is eliminated.

Automatic SPC Charting

Process data is automatically charted for all critical process specs: maximum preheat temperature, soak time, slope, wave temperature, etc. The data is plotted on real-time control charts and Process Capability (Cpk) is calculated for each specification. Any process drift outside of control limits or defined Cpk value will trigger a warning. The overall Process Window Index (PWI) is also charted, providing a real-time Cpk for the entire preheat process. Any out-of-spec process (PWI is over 100%) will immediately trigger an alarm that can shutdown the in-feed conveyor. Automated real-time SPC helps identify potential defects before they happen.

Automatic Process Traceability

The KIC 24/7 Wave provides full process traceability. All process data and its fit to the available process window is automatically recorded and stored for every product, and can be retrieved at any point in the future. When combined with the barcode option, process data for every product is automatically linked to the product’s barcode number.

KIC 24/7 Wave System

Base System Components

KIC Probes: Each probe contains 14 internal TC’s for monitoring process temperature . The probes run the length of the preheat process and are positioned at the product level. One additional TC is installed to monitor the solder pot temperature.
Sensor/Encoder: The Sensor monitors, tracks and documents all product that passes through the oven. The Encoder continuously measures conveyor speed.
Data acquisition unit: The unit acquires data from the probes and sensors, and transmits it to the computer.
Communication cables: Cables are included for connecting the data acquisition unit to the KIC Probes, Product Sensor and computer. A USB to Serial Adapter is included for connecting the KIC Profiler to the computer.
Software and User Manual

Optional System Components

KIC RPM™ (Remote Process Monitoring): Process data for every board is output and monitored remotely in real-time. See the KIC RPM data sheet for complete product details and specifications.
Alarm Relay: The KIC Alarm Relay connects to the data acquisition unit and allows KIC 24/7 Wave to activate warning lights, audible alarms, and/or stop the process in-feed conveyor.
Barcode Option: With a customer supplied serial barcode reader, the Barcode Option enables Process Traceability and/or Process Control for every product linked to its barcode number.

Optional System Components

Accuracy: ± 2°F (1.2°C)
Readings/second: 13
Thermocouples: Type K
Temperature Range: -150°C to 450°C
Data acquisition unit (LxWxH): 308.6mm x 173.5mm x 35.8mm
Probes: length and thermocouple spacing is customized to each oven
Communications: Ethernet, RJ-45 connector
Computer Capability: PC
Power Requirements: 12V DC @ 300mA

The Process Window Index

Thermal Profiling for Wave Solder reduced to a single number

The PWI measures the profile’s fit to the process window in a mathematical and objective manner by using a single number. This aids in optimizing the process by comparing and ranking alternative profiles in terms of their fit to the available process window. The lower the PWI, the more efficient and stable the process! (See the PWI data sheet for a detailed explanation)

Computer Configuration

Minimum System Requirements

  • Dual Core / 1 GHz Processor PC with 2 GB RAM
  • 2 GB available storage
  • Video 1024 x 768 resolution / 16-bit
  • 1 available USB port (for data download)
  • 1 available USB port (for software key)
  • 1 available Ethernet port or 1 available USB port with Ethernet to USB
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