Don Dennison Appointed to Roll Out KIC’s latest Thermal Analysis System Software in the Northeast

San Diego — March 2024 —— KIC is pleased to announce the appointment of PIT Equipment Services, LLC, led by Don Dennison, as its representative for New York, New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania. With this strategic partnership, KIC aims to strengthen its presence in the region and continue its mission of delivering innovative solutions to the electronics manufacturing industry.

Don Dennison, a seasoned professional with extensive experience in the electronics industry, will play a vital role in promoting KIC’s next generation of solutions including the latest Thermal Analysis System software.

PIT Equipment Services, LLC has earned accolades for its outstanding performance in the electronics industry. With back-to-back prestigious Global Technology Awards for Rep of the Year for North America, PIT Equipment Services, LLC stands as a trusted partner to electronic assembly firms in the New York, New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania areas.

Established in 1988, PIT Equipment Services, LLC has built a reputation for providing assistance to electronic assembly companies. Under Dennison’s leadership, the company has remained dedicated to delivering exceptional service, leveraging extensive product knowledge, and fostering strategic customer relationships.

“We are honored to represent KIC” said Don Dennison, President of PIT Equipment Services, LLC. “KIC’s innovative solutions have transformed what it means to profile, coming out with industry firsts for process setup, optimization, and inspection solutions in all soldering and curing applications on the electronics manufacturing production floor. We look forward to working closely with KIC to bring these cutting-edge technologies to our valued customers in the region.”