Automatic Reflow Profiling and Data Analytics

Presented at SMTA International 2020 Karl D. Pfluke and MB Allen    KIC     CA, USA Abstract With the advent of i4.0 and Smart Factory, there has been a great deal of technology put into SMT lines that are manufacturing the very technologies we use today.  Data...

Reflow Profiling for Next-Generation Solder Alloys

Reflow Profiling for Next-Generation Solder Alloys Authored by MB Allen, KIC   San Diego, CA, USA And Meagan Sloan, Kim Flanagan, Brook Sandy-Smith, Indium Corporation   Clinton, NY, USA,,

Making Ovens Smarter

Making Ovens Smarter Time to turn-up the heat to focus on oven intelligence This white paper sets out the anomaly that is the lack of intelligence available in ovens compared to elsewhere on the production line and the clear benefits of making the oven smarter.   If...
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