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KIC does it again: Revolutionizing Reflow Process Inspection with Groundbreaking Sensing Technology!

KIC is thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking advancement in reflow process inspection (RPI) that is set to revolutionize the landscape of electronics manufacturing. At KIC, we take immense pride in staying at the forefront of technological innovation, and today, we are delighted to unveil our latest achievement – new sensing technology that enhances existing RPI systems by detecting changes in heat transfer with unparalleled live production board temperature readings.

The Evolution of Reflow Process Inspection (RPI)

KIC-Lösungen zur Reflow-Wärmeübertragungserkennung

Reflow Process Inspection (RPI) has long been hailed as a vital component in ensuring the precision and automation of thermal processes within reflow ovens. Invented and developed by industry leader KIC, RPI systems have become synonymous with reliability and quality in electronics manufacturing. The KIC RPI system consists of embedded sensors that measure temperature, monitor conveyor speed, and track each PCBA as it traverses the oven. By continuously monitoring and calculating the temperature profile for every production PCBA, RPI eliminates manual interventions, reducing downtime and ensuring consistent quality across every PCB.

Introducing Cutting-Edge Sensing Technology

However, the game is about to change. With our latest innovation, we have introduced a groundbreaking sensing technology that directly measures the board temperature at the beginning and end of the heated section of the reflow process, during production. This direct measurement capability allows us to not only monitor temperature changes but also detect convection changes over time. This real-time insight into the oven convection and heat transfer is an industry first, marking a revolutionary leap in reflow process inspection technology.

Benefits of Our New Sensing Technology:

  1. Precision Redefined: By directly measuring board temperature and heat transfer changes during production, our RPI systems offer unparalleled precision, ensuring the highest quality reflow profiles for every assembly and monitoring all aspects of the oven’s influence on the production boards
  2. Combined board level temperatures and actual board temperature: KIC RPI employs advanced algorithms to determine temperature, time, and heat transfer changes that may impact the production reflow profile. This can only be done by knowing the board temperature AND the ambient temperature of the process at board level. This combination is only available from KIC.
  3. Seamless Integration: The on-the-fly AI in our RPI system actively tracks process Cpk, providing critical temperature profile data that seamlessly integrates with SPI and AOI data, and other MES factory automation systems, creating a comprehensive decision feedback loop.

Experience the Future of Electronics Manufacturing

We invite you to explore the future of electronics manufacturing with our cutting-edge RPI systems equipped with this revolutionary sensing technology. Stay ahead of the competition, enhance your process efficiency, and ensure uncompromised quality in every PCB.

Ready to move to a higher level of inspection and technology?

Reach out today to discover how KIC’s new heat transfer detection and advanced sensing technology to improve your manufacturing quality and process control!

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