Connectivity in Electronics Manufacturing

Connect with the Best and most Accurate RPI, KIC

Connectivity is a critical and mandatory part of implementing smart factory capabilities, gaining value and efficiencies in your manufacturing execution. KIC, the market leader in solutions and technologies for reflow soldering process management, has the most robust and flexible connectivity capabilities when addressing manufacturing requirements for Reflow Process Inspection

KIC’s capabilities include automated reflow recipe and profile setup for NPI, process optimization, full process/product traceability and connectivity to any factory system. The company offers real-time automation with inline reflow process inspection and process control with auto-changeover.

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KIC’s connectivity supports IPC-CFX-2591, SECS/GEM and Hermes standards. Third party software/MES partners include Aegis, Mentor, iTAC, Cogiscan, ViTrox V-One, and more. Generic formats and protocols include: XML, JSON, CSV, TXT, MQTT, HTTP, AMQP, TCP/IP and COM.

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Move toward the future of Smart Factory integration with Reflow Process Inspection, gaining line connectivity, flexible production, traceability, data analytics, process transparency/control, and real-time insight.