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Thermal Analysis System featuring Award Winning Common Recipe Finder™

Experience our cutting-edge recipe optimization search mode called Common Recipe Finder™. Our new profiling software platform, The Thermal Analysis System, offers a state-of-the-art User Interface, providing flexibility in reflow and wave recipe setup with a user experience akin to browsing. Common Recipe Finder simplifies changeover time by identifying a single recipe for multiple assemblies, thereby enhancing equipment utilization and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

By harnessing predictive algorithms and AI search routines, this innovative capability automates the creation of common recipes for multiple PCB assemblies. This powerful solution enables customers to streamline oven setups and reduce the number of unique recipes.

One of the notable benefits of the Common Recipe Finder is the remarkable enhancement it brings to Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). By optimizing the oven setup to accommodate multiple assemblies under a single recipe or a reduced number of recipes, the changeover time on the reflow oven is significantly reduced. This reduction in downtime translates to a substantial boost in productivity and operational efficiency.

Additionally, the Common Recipe Finder’s optimization for common recipes mitigates the risk of loading incorrect recipes onto the oven. With a reduced number of selectable recipes, the chances of human error are minimized, ensuring the consistency and accuracy of the production process.

KIC has solutions for challenges such as handling process audits, automating manual profiling and data reporting tasks, MES/CFX connectivity, Industry 4.0 implementation, NPI process setup, reducing solder defects (voiding, head in pillow, tombstoning) and more.

Common Recipe Finder™

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