We are Thermal Process Experts who

Make ovens smarter

KIC provides customized solutions for Electronics Assembly Manufacturing (circuit boards) and Semiconductor packaging / manufacturing

How do we make your ovens smarter?

Ovens used for electronics and semiconductor manufacturing need to produce a consistent, in-spec temperature profile for the products moving through the oven.

Ovens without the proper sensors and software tools cannot provide a temperature profile during production, which is the main purpose of the oven.

KIC supplies the expertise with patented sensor hardware and software to monitor the product temperature profile during production.


Fast and Easy

Solutions for process set-up and verification

Temperature Profiling tools that meet your needs

KIC offers you temperature data logging tools for setting up your oven or wave solder machine.
This includes:




State-of-the-art hardware technology and capability


Simplified setup and operation


Basic data collection and reporting

Automated Process Optimization

You’re in control. Navigate to the best oven recipe to suit all your needs.

Our software will optimize the recipe based on:

Highest Quality

Best possible solder joint quality through the reflow process


Maximum Production Volume

Highest rate through the reflow oven, minimizing cycle time

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Find common recipes for your assemblies, reducing changeover time


Energy Savings

Reduce power consumption and excessive temperature settings

Quick Setup – minutes not Hours

Focus on your initial oven recipe, without running a profile!

Starting new assemblies every week? Setup in minutes, not hours! Fast NPI with automated software.

Reflow soldering | wave soldering

Equipment performance tracking that’s easy and accurate

Reflow soldering with the Smart Reflow Analyzer

Identify and Track Your Oven’s Performance and Stability


Fast and accurate data collection with oven measurement fixture


Temperature/Heat Transfer per zone


SPC – Machine Capability

Wave soldering with the KIC Wave Surfer

Setup and verify your wave soldering Machine


Optimize the preheat settings automatically


Measure key wave parameters

  • Peak over wave
  • Dwell time
  • Parallelism

SPC - Process Capability

Reflow soldering | Curing | Wave Soldering

Automatic profiling and inspection – accurate automation


Maintain the highest quality and keep costs down through automation


Ease your way through customer audits


Connect to Factory MES software (Manufacturing Execution System)

Reflow Process Inspection


Wave Process Inspection

Automation, traceability, and connectivity

Support requirements for Automotive, Medical, Aerospace, Network, and Military markets for Electronic Manufacturing
ISO 9001 | IATF 16949 | VDA 6.3 | ISO 13485 | CAPA | AS9100D

Learn more about Automatic Profiling

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