Making Ovens Smarter

Run smart thermal processes for reduced cost and improved quality. Retrofit new capabilities to thrive in an ever more demanding industry! KIC helps you achieve world-class thermal processes, meaning better quality and higher productivity, all with less effort!

Profiling | Optimization | Automation

IPC-CFX 2591 Certified

As a leader in connectivity and smart factory implementation for SMT Reflow Process Inspection, KIC is one of the first companies certified through IPC-CFX equipment qualification with our RPI system.


Manufacturing Medical Devices?

Can you prove to your auditor the in-spec temperature profile for every board passing through the reflow process?

Smart Automation

SRA - Smart Reflow Analyzer

Awarded Mexico’s 2019 Technology Award for Test and Measurement Inspection Systems

Identify and track machine performance and stability

RPI i4.0 - Smart Automation

Awarded Mexico’s 2018 Technology Award for Process Control Tools!

Manage your reflow profiling data-stream as you choose via MES, LAN, PC and mobile devices.

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Award-winning Customer Service

KIC’s 5 Customer Excellence awards in recent years mean that our customer service personnel are available to help you 24 hours per day, every day, anywhere in the world. With 10 service centers around the world, we are also available for on-site support. Give us a try!

Making Ovens Smarter

KIC provides thermal profiling hardware and profiler software tools that help define, measure, monitor, and improve thermal processes for electronics manufacturing services. This reduces downtime, can decrease electrical expenses, and reduce your labor costs, all while improving your manufacturing quality, overall productivity, employee morale and customer satisfaction… and ultimately, profits.

KIC does this with a focus on continuous innovation. We’ve developed an entire generation of smart technologies for reflow ovens, curing ovens, and wave solder machines, allowing you to not just reduce production costs, to not just improve quality, but to add capabilities that you can use to win new business.

Make your ovens – and your entire manufacturing line –smarter!

Job #1 for a Reflow Oven

Reflow ovens and wave solder machines come in a huge variety of flavors and price points. The spec sheets for these machines tell the story of impressive features and capabilities such as flux management, gas flow management, static pressure control, active cooling zones, dual-lane independent speed control, low nitrogen usage, etc. Truth be told, reflow ovens today are far more stable and capable than they were years ago.  They also can provide an enormous amount of data that can be fed to the manufacturing execution system (MES). It seems that the only data these machines cannot provide is the single most important data, the very objective of having an oven in the first place.

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Making Ovens Smarter

What does that mean? And why should I care?

KIC has developed an entire generation of smart technologies for reflow and curing ovens as well as  wave solder machines.  While the technology is cool and impressive, it’s only a means to an end.  KIC’s ultimate value is to significantly reduce production cost, improve quality, add capabilities our EMS customer can use to win new business.

We achieve this with modular thermal profiling products that provide a comprehensive range of critical capabilities.

Process Transparency

Automatically and continuously profile every PCB; Real-time visibility into the thermal process and its adherence to specs.

Process Traceability

Store or retrieve the profile for each PCB, its relationship to the process window, with relevant process and machine data.


Flexible Production

Eliminate or reduce oven changeover time; reduce human errors; and share data.


Automatic profiling, program loading, process set up verification, SPC charting, and data recording, storage and traceability.


Share near real-time process data on the factory network and with MES systems.

Learning Systems

Intelligent databases learn with use and achieve profile calculations without profiling.

Reduce Electricity

Case studies up to 15% reduction in reflow oven electricity use.


Purchase KIC’s smart oven technology with new ovens or easily retrofit to your existing ovens.

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